Airbnb Will Collect Tourist Tax in 23 000 French Cities from July 1

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Airbnb Will Collect Tourist Tax in 23 000 French Cities from July 1

Airbnb will extend automated tourist tax collection to 23 000 cities from July 1. Airbnb becomes the first short term rental platform to contribute massively to cities revenues, while making hundreds of  thousands French hosts’ lives easier. These new revenues for cities will be invested in local touristic development projects. The Airbnb community thus contributes to foster French attractivity benefitting many local communities.

Every Airbnb host must collect and remit tourist tax from travelers. Starting from July  1, they won’t have to do it anymore : Airbnb will collect automatically tourist tax for all 23 000 concerned French cities, on behalf of the whole French host community.

Many new small and middle sized cities all around the country will benefit those new ressources  to be reinvested in local tourism development. Just last year, the total new revenues for all 23 000 French cities would have amounted over €20M.

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Airbnb has decided to rollout progressively automated tax collection and remitting since 2015, in order to make hosts lives easier and optimize tax collection in the benefit of French cities. Initially in Paris and Chamonix, tourist tax automated collection has been extended to 19 major cities in 2016, and 50 cities in 2017, before being rolled out to all concerned French cities this year.

In 2018, Airbnb remitted €13,5M collected last year to 50 French cities. Amounts collected in 2018 will be remitted to cities in January, 2019.

Since 2014, Airbnb has established tax agreements with more than 400 jurisdictions globally, and has collected and remitted to Governments around the world more than $700 million in hotel and tourist taxes.

These announces comes just a week after Airbnb’s agreement with French Government and main competitors in the industry, over concrete actions to promote responsible homesharing in Paris and French bigger cities. Local listings will now be capped automatedly to 120 days a year on Airbnb and other main homesharing platforms.

We want to be good partners for French authorities and make our hosts lives easier, which is why we have been the first platform to implement tourist tax collection in France in 2015, and are now first to generalise it in the whole country. We encourage our competitors to follow our lead as automated tax collection is an asset to promote healthy tourism : Thanks to new revenues, many French cities all around France will be able to promote local tourism and contribute to attract travellers out of main touristic corridors.

Emmanuel Marill,  head of Airbnb for France

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