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Discover a Unique Perspective of Your Passion in this Region Through Airbnb

There is always something for everyone when we travel; from connecting with people over food to exchanging photography tips, Airbnb makes the world feel smaller one Experience at a time.

With 91 percent of travelers wanting a more local experience during their vacations, the 1,800 Experiences  in more than 30 cities allow local experts and travelers to come together to share their interests and understand cultural subtleties and passions.

Specifically for Asia-Pacific, diversity in thought and culture has led to the burgeoning scene of design, fine arts and small businesses in the last few years. Local experts in this region now host Experiences and share their passions in 10 cities including Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, New Delhi and Bangkok. We’ve seen a spike recently in guests trying Experiences in APAC, where numbers of booked Experiences has grown over 14x just since January.

  • In Tokyo, 95% of Experiences are rated 5 stars with over 150 active Experiences available for booking.
  • The most booked Experiences in Seoul are Food and Drink Experiences where guests can learn about the Korean culture through food.
  • All Sydney Experiences that were reviewed received 5 stars, which means guests were very satisfied with their trips and would recommend you take   one too!
  • New Delhi, a city rich with heritage, finds Arts and History Experiences most popular. 

If you want to get ahead in the hallyu game, why not try a fashion Experience in Seoul? Or learn how to make udon in Osaka and recreate the dish when you go home. Alternatively, surf along Bondi beach and visit the bars and pubs that line the coast of Sydney. Perhaps tell your story through comics during a doodling session in New Delhi or visit a farm outside Bangkok to understand why rice from Thailand is so fragrant and delicious.

Find your perfect Experience for your next trip based on this list, categorized by passions.


Step away from the typical tourist paths and explore your artistic side in Bangkok and New Delhi. Learn about sakyant (sacred tattoo) from one of the best sakyant masters and unravel the meaning behind the magic; or work your right-brain as you create your very own comic with a professional cartoonist.

Secret of Sacred Tattoo (Bangkok)
Delhi Doodle (New Delhi)

Culture & History

Some of the best ways to learn about a country’s history is through the lens of its people and its language. Agriculture is a huge part of Thailand’s culture, with the country being a major exporter of rice. Find out how Thai farmers are caring for their crops and understand their struggles over the lunch table. Alternatively, pick up traditional calligraphy in Seoul and discover Korea’s history with a stroke of the brush.

Organic City Farmer (Bangkok)
Traditional Calligraphy (Seoul)


Apart from eating a local’s food, why not dress like one? The Sari School in New Delhi promises to share an enriching Experience on the relevance of the sari in modern Indian society and why Mahatma Gandhi was a fan of the unstitched garment. Otherwise, you can learn how to make your own origami fascinator in Sydney that will make a fascinating fashion statement.

The Sari School (New Delhi)
Origami Fascinator (Sydney)


Apart from being physically nourishing, food also rejuvenates the soul and renews the mind. So why not try this Seoul food Experience and have a taste of what a home-cooked Korean meal is like? Or have oodles of fun during Sanuki udon making in Osaka and bring home stories of the Experience as well as the noodle recipe to share with your family.

Homestyle Seoul Cooking 101 (Seoul)
Create Udon Noodles from Scratch (Osaka)


Music is instrumental to   a city’s culture and soul. To fully appreciate Japan’s rich heritage, take a pluck on the koto (Japan’s national instrument) while dressed in a kimono and sipping on Japanese green tea. The other (fancier) option would be to check out the backstage of the Sydney Opera House followed by watching a performance from one of the best seats in the house.

Music Lessons in Kimonos (Tokyo)
Best Seat in the House (Sydney)


Get your dose of adrenaline rush if you are heading to Sydney or Tokyo! Bondi beach will “surf up” some incredible waves during your surfing class and thereafter, serve up some delicious food and “coldies” (Australian slang for a cold beer). Bring out your inner samurai and can-do attitude as you learn Kendo (Japanese martial art) in a modern dojo in Tokyo.

Bondi Surf & Turf (Sydney)
Samurai Sword Play “Kendo” (Tokyo)

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