Travel on Airbnb, Enjoy Your Trip and Respect Your Environment

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Travel on Airbnb, Enjoy Your Trip and Respect Your Environment

This World Tourism Day, the focus is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, so Airbnb is shining the spotlight on 23 eco-friendly properties around the world.

From a recycled shipping container to a house made out of strawbale, this collection of Airbnb listings will expand your perspective on living in an environmentally friendly home. Moreover, you can complete your trip with local Experience hosts who will guide you through the beauty of nature offered in these various cities.

Another way that you can practice sustainable tourism on Airbnb is by booking Social Impact Experiences where 100 percent of the proceeds go towards the non-profit organizations that run the activities. Or choose from one of Airbnb’s homestay options in India, as part of Airbnb’s partnership with the Self Employed Women’s Association which aims to empower women living in India’s rural areas by hosting their properties on the platform, allowing them to be self-employed.

Asia Pacific

The Container - Tasmania, Australia
Little Greenie, Eco-house - Golden Bay, New Zealand
Treehouse - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bamboo Villa - Lombok, Indonesia
Strawbale House - Hokkaido, Japan
Traditional Stone House - Jeju, South Korea
Eco-friendly Treehouse - Kerala, India
Gauriben's Homestay - Gujarat, India


Pyramid Cottage - Laugarvatn, Iceland
Eco-Design House - Catalunya, Spain
Eco-friendly Farmhouse - Tuscany, Italy
Birch Cottage - Ballyroney, United Kingdom
Houseboat - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

North America

Off-grid itHouse - California, USA
Cob Cottage - British Columbia, Canada
Off-grid Adobe dome - Texas, USA
Off-grid Treehouse - Oregon, USA
Geodesic Dome - Connecticut, USA

Latin America

Cabana Floripa - Santa Catarina, Brazil
Elqui Domos - Coquimbo, Chile
Bird Island - Placencia, Belize
Beach Home - Yucatan, Mexico
Eco Design Home - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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